After 6 years of great clients in Saint Louis, Missouri, we are pleased to begin serving Portland, Oregon.

what our clients are saying… Testimonials

Ansible Mac

Ansible for Mac: now available!

Use all your Apple devices together as easily as using one device. Available on the Mac App Store!

“What a great app! I've been trying to do this for a long time. Now when I find a file I need to download while on my iPad, I can start it downloading on my computer.”   - RoroMorrow

“I was watching a movie on Hulu and clicked the Ansible link and it instantly showed up on my Mac.”   - rajiodad

“It was really cool sending links between my iPhone and iPad, but now that I can send them to and from my Mac I can use Ansible for work, and stop emailing links back and forth.”   - applegreenskyblue


Ansible for iPhone & iPad

Our in-house app for moving your workflow between devices is now available on the App Store!

“Exactly what I wanted!”   - Paul Bloch

“The best customer service I've met on iTunes.”   - Prof. Bob

“Great in our business!”   - lippyjb

“This saves me time and makes me look more professional.”   - Gav$ter

“Outstanding customer service and quick response. GREAT JOB!!!”   - 1213Ear

Security Now!

One of our great success stories is featured on the excellent Security Now podcast with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. Steve recounts the story of one of our engineers using the excellent tool SpinRite to save the day for one of our clients. The school lost access to all of their computers and would have had to cancel school.

Watch or hear the story (begins at 13:21) or read the transcript.


We've had the pleasure of working with Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology in a number of different capacities. As a small business owner, Artisan's knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness have proven invaluable to us. I would highly recommend Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology to anyone seeking the highest level of service.”

Douglas Howard
Howard Commercial Corp.


We were in trouble when our previous IT consultants couldn't keep up with the problems our church and school were having with out network and servers. We hired Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology to straighten things out--and they exceeded our expectations! Not only did Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology solve the problems the others couldn't, but they were substantially less expensive as well! We kept working with Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology for the next several years as they supported our existing systems and helped us transition to significantly more reliable servers, desktops, and web technology. They were so good in fact, that we don't need to use Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology (or anyone) much at all any more because everything works so well. But rest assured that if anything comes up in the future, Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology are the consultants we will call. ”

John Roberts
Assistant Pastor & Head of School; Covenant Church, Covenant Christian School


Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology has been our IT consultant for more than 6 years and we have come to rely heavily on their expertise. Their knowledge is extensive and they have been available to help in every situation. With the ability to access computers remotely (whether in another location in the same city or even while traveling in Europe), Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology has provided seamless service for our St. Louis business. We have found them to be very cost-effective in their work for us, which has included setting up our VPN and servers, setting up and managing our website and corporate email, consulting on our IT purchases, streamlining our office work via technology, and providing general tech support in every situation. Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology has saved us significant money because of their specialized expertise and deep knowledge across a broad range of technology issues/needs. We find them very trustworthy, professional, and responsive. Having the right technology has become an essential part of our business and we are very thankful for the role Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology has provided in this area. We have no hesitation recommending them!”

Anita Chimento
Cornerstone Development


From someone who has owned his own business for the past 11 years, finding “a” computer person is easy, but finding a computer person who is honest, socially normal, clean, speaks understandable sentences (not full geek jargon), and actually knows every detail of what he is doing is a huge problem for a company. We hired Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology to work with our clients here in Saint Louis for several months. They accomplished everything we asked plus added valuable knowledge and resources to our company… even today we still call on their expertise! All of our clients were happy except when they finally left. If Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology comes back to Saint Louis there is no question we will be using them again.”

Trey Wroth
Intuitive Webs


I worked with Ryan from Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology many times and he is phenomenal! His deep knowledge and problem solving abilities are matched only by his friendly demeanor and knack for explaining complicated computer problems in words non-techies can understand. We worked together in person many times and even twice over the phone from another continent! I recommend Artisan TechnologyArtisan Technology wholeheartedly to anyone who has computer challenges. They'll solve your problems without breaking the bank.”

Steve Hughes
Hit Your Stride, LLC